Safe Data’s goal is to help small and medium enterprises protect their critical data in such a way that their data can always be retrieved after accidental loss, thus avoiding consequential damage.

Many companies understand the importance of backing up their data; others unfortunately do not and could face a major data loss in the near future.

Here are 5 key points about data loss:


  1. The average business has about €90.000 worth of computer data. (Shield IT Backup)
  2. Only 23% of businesses backup their data on a regular basis. (2011 SMB Disaster Preparedness Survey)
  3. Every year a SMB tends to experience 6 computer crashes. (2011 SMB Disaster Preparedness Survey)
  4. 1 in every 20 hard drives breaks each year and most hard drives last less than 5 years. (Google hard drive survey)
  5. 40 to 60% of SMBs never recover after major data loss. (FEMA)


These points should give a business owner sufficient reflexion as to whether he needs to backup his critical data or not.

Most companies however use uncertain technology to backup their data. They use USB-sticks, external hard drives – tape drives or NAS-storage. The backup solution implemented is in most cases a local solution. No protection against theft, burglary, fire and water disasters, or against electrical shock due to for example lightning or net flux. These threats are usually devastating to a company’s data and result mostly in loss of critical data, putting pressure on the company’s continuation.

Data is a company’s digital capital and should be backed-up at all times. A good backup solution consists of 2 things: a local backup and an external backup, preferably an encrypted cloud backup.

SafeData delivers the second type of backup; a “professional backup software solution”, developed by top IT-industry leaders, that protects fully automatically all critical data using military grade 256-bit encryption to backup this critical data in the cloud.

The solution is installed and monitored by IT-professionals who can detect problems and find solutions to most IT situations. They are a helping hand and are on stand-by at all times.

They understand that not every business owner has the same IT-skills, but that every business owner nevertheless has important data to protect.

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